Purchased a SIM card and Pre-paid plan from Spot Mobile. After checking to see if my phone number would "port" to the new SIM card (which their online verification said it would), after activating my SIM and incorrectly getting issued a new phone number instead, which I don't want AT ALL, I tried speaking with their customer service representatives several times.

They gave me the biggest run-around I've experienced with customer service telling me that they tried to reach me, though couldn't provide details of WHEN they called, and every time I tried to get a supervisor on the phone, they told me none were available and would take 24-48 to get a phone call. After waiting a week to get a call from them to actually discuss my issue, they still wouldn't connect me with somebody.

This has been the most frustrating customer service I've dealt with in recent memory. Take your business elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #803003

Spot Mobile should have been went out of business by now. Spot Mobile has the worst customer service reps in america.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #775046

Bought a fairly nice phone with data package from Spot Mobile. They were able to keep my same number which I felt was a bonus.


1: I had to set up the tech specs MYSELF so that my internet and picture mail would work and my picture mail STILL DOESNT WORK even after sitting on the phone with them for an hour listening to them walk me through the steps (while trying to figure it out themselves).

2: I created an account on their website so that I could pay online. Once I tried to log in it didn't recognize my password and when I tried to recover/reset it it said that my number is already registered TO ME.

WTF??? Customer service spent days "looking into it" with NO results.

3: Spot Mobile is not in any company lists to set up notifications (such as PayPal, banks, etc) so all my SMS Notifications that I had gotten used to...


Overall Spot Mobile sucks and should be avoided. The fact that they have been in business for more than a year shocks me.


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